The Tragedy of Dighomi Meadows

When you are in Tbilisi and you cross the multilane bridge connecting the area around Sarajishvili Metro on the left bank of the River Mtkvari with Dighomi on the right bank, you can see the „Otter Island“ and get a glimpse into wetland forest territory, that is unfortunately witnessing destruction due to illegal quarrying and waste dumping. I prepared small film for JAMnews about it. The local activist Ana Trapaidze from the initiative დიღმის ჭალები – Dighomi Meadows is a great example for civil activism. She and her neighbours courageously picked a fight against the pollution of this protected green area in the outskirts of Tbilisi and confronted construction companies and City Hall with the illegal measures that led to these ecocrimes. Get an insight into „The Tragedy of Dighomi Meadows“.

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