The Tragedy of Dighomi Meadows

When you are in Tbilisi and you cross the multilane bridge connecting the area around Sarajishvili Metro on the left bank of the River Mtkvari with Dighomi on the right bank, you can see the „Otter Island“ and get a glimpse into wetland forest territory, that is unfortunately witnessing destruction due to illegal quarrying and…

Tbilisi Pride and Prejudice

Despite the threats of nationalist groups and the announcement of the government to not be able to ensure safety, the team of „Tbilisi Pride“ is determined to hold a number of events. Lack of security, death threats and the exposing attitude of the own family are constant companions.

German police closing in on Armenian mafia

Police and journalistic investigations conclude that the German city of Erfurt has become the centre of Armenian organized crime in Germany This article was also published by Photo by: MDR. A German police report published by journalists speaks of an extensive network of organized crime operated by Armenian immigrants in Germany. Local publications question…

Crossing the bridge: GEM Fest in Anaklia

From 10th – 14th august 2016 for the second time the GEM Fest took place at the beach of Anaklia. On five days the visitors experienced at bunch of national and international acts of the electronic music scene. Although it was all about music, the festival also contained a small political aspect.

Video Poll: What do you think about „Europe“?

JAM News recently published my video poll conducted in the streets of Tbilisi about what people think about Europe. With the help of Georgian friends we asked people about their associations and opinions about Europe. We wanted to know what first comes to their mind when they hear the word „Europe“.

Video Poll: Smoking in Bars

Georgia is a paradise for smokers. Cigarettes are cheap and you can smoke almost everywhere: in bars and restaurants, public places, tunnels, in the taxi and even bus drivers like to puff their cigarettes. But does really everybody appreciates this freedom for smokers? I conducted a video for JAM News about what locals and foreigners…

Abastumani: a ghost town with prospects

If you walk down the main road of Abastumani you feel like strolling through a ghost town. This old spa town in the South-east of Georgia, close to the Turkish border, has lost everything from it’s former splendour. Pigs and horsed are sharing the road with the few cars, which pass through the thickly wooded…